Alberta Land-use Framework Region Explorer

Alberta Land-use Framework Region Explorer

The Land-use Framework created seven regions in the province. A unique regional plan is being create for all the regions – two have been created and implemented.

Explore the regions by clicking on the map or graphs.


Region Explorer


Human Footprint

The extent of human land use in a given area.

Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (2018)

Business Indicators

Number of businesses with employees registered in the region.

Land use region economic indicators, Government of Alberta (2013)

Alberta’s 7 regions

The Land-use Framework created seven regions based on the major watersheds. A regional plan is to be created for each region.

Two regional plans have been developed and approved, and one is currently in development.

  • Lower Athabasca: Approved
  • South Saskatchewan: Approved
  • North Saskatchewan: In development
  • Lower Peace: Not started
  • Red Deer: Not started
  • Upper Athabasca: Not started
  • Upper Peace: Not started

See more information about the current status of Alberta’s regional plans.


Region profiles 

In preparation to develop regional plans, a profile of the region was completed. The three available profiles are:

  1. Lower Athabasca region profile
  2. South Saskatchewan region profile
  3. North Saskatchewan region profile

History of Alberta’s regional plans

Before the introduction of the Land-use Framework, Alberta’s land and resources were managed with a range of policies from the provincial level to municipalities. See a complete history of regional planning in Alberta

The regional plans in their current form date back to 2007.


Land-use Framework

Blueprint for land use management and decision making. View the Land-use Framework.


Alberta Land Stewardship Act

Legal basis for land use planning in Alberta. View the Alberta Land Stewardship Act.


Lower Athabasca Regional Plan

Effective on September 1, 2012. Learn more about the LARP.


South Saskatchewan Regional Plan

Effective on February 16, 2014. Learn more about the SSRP.

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