Forum rules and posting guidelines

All discussion is intended to assist implementing regional plans in all users have a good experience, please respect the following rules. Posts, comments and activity will be moderated. If you have any questions about the forum and the moderating team, read the FAQ  or send us a message.


Education comes first

All topics and information is for educational purposes. To support fellow land use practitioners, use the discussion forum with respect and follow these posting guidelines:

  • Post and respond to questions with detail and include supporting information
  • Keep responses positive and constructive to reduce perceived criticism
  • Address any concerns about user activity or usage to the moderators [contact us]
  • Stay on topic, or start a new topic if new questions arise


Posting requirements

Everyone can explore the information, stories and questions in the discussion forum. If you want to post a question or response, you will need to fill out your name, email and organization. Only the name will be displayed to the public – feel free to use a preferred display name. The email and organization information is only used to analyze usage of the discussion forum. We will not share your information with anyone. Read more about our privacy policy.


Avoid legal questions

The discussion forum is an ongoing conversation about insights and experiences, and the information is not intended to be used as legal or compliance advice. Please forward legal questions to the Land Use Secretariat.


All posts will be moderated

The moderating team will review all questions and responses on a regular basis. Posts may removed if they are inappropriate and the original author will be notified. Contact us if you have any concerns over forum moderation.


Search before submitting questions

Your question may already be discussed. Use the search function to find related topics to your question.

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