Municipal Flood and Drought Action Planning PrimerMiistakis Institute


Primer for municipalities to consider flood and drought mitigation practices – from the Miistakis Institute

This primer for municipalities is the first of a two-part series on flood and drought mitigation. The first part – Municipal Flood and Drought Action Planning Primer – is the starting point for municipalities to consider the mitigation process. The Miistakis Institute is planning to create a followup to the primer – a step-by-step guide for developing mitigation plans.

For all municipalities in Alberta, the Action Planning Primer reviews the risk for both floods and droughts. Risk maps are a first step in mitigation planning: How likely is a drought or flood for my municipality?

The primer defines and explains the impacts of both floods and droughts. To start the mitigation process, the primer reviews what can be done to reduce the impacts, such as:

  • Local assessments
  • Education and awareness
  • Ecological and human-made infrastructure

Finally, the primer includes data sources and resources available to municipalities.

Download the complete primer from the Miistakis Institute.

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