Reports on climate change show the data and information, but visualizing the data is a useful step to understanding what it means. These simulators and tools are created by Canadian researchers to illustrate the potential impacts of climate change across the country.


Climate Atlas

Explore the impacts of climate change throughout Canada with the Climate Atlas, a project by the Prairie Climate Centre.

The map and simulator was recently updated and now integrates data with actions. Explore the projected impacts of climate change on climate, agriculture, forestry and to Canada’s largest cities.

Climate Atlas also produces reports for Canadian cities. Download the reports for the following Alberta cities:


Climate Change Viewer

The Climate Change Viewer is a mapping simulator from Natural Resources Canada. Historical and future climate change information and models can be viewed for the country.

This tool is available from the Canadian Centre for Climate Science, a resource with information and support to understand and use climate data.


Global Climate Modeller

From the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis comes the Global Climate Change Modeller. Global data for surface air temperature and precipitation is available from the latest climate models.


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Where does regional planning fit into a global warming of 1.5˚C? Read about the role of regional planning to reduce impacts of global warming from the IPCC Special Report on the impacts of a 1.5˚C global warming.

Land use planning provides a set of tools for municipalities to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Here are seven land use tools  for municipalities to act on climate change and examples from Canadian provinces.

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