Share your knowledge with fRI Research’s monthly webinar series

fRI Research hosts a monthly webinar series on research, news and updates on natural science, conservation and land use topics. Webinars are hosted by fRI Research and available to the public. Presentation ideas on land use planning in Alberta are being accepted. fRI Research will manage the promotions, recording and facilitation of the webinar to a target audience of land use professionals in the province.  


Webinar details and overview

The webinar will be hosted by fRI Research and will be part of the monthly webinar series. The presentation will be 45 minutes in length, which includes a 30 minute presentation and 15 minute question-and-answer period. A webinar platform and promotion will be managed by fRI Research. The target date of the presentations in early 2019.  


Topics for webinar presentation

The goal of fRI Research’s webinars is to showcase the latest research or practices for conservation and land use in the province. By sharing ideas and approaches to innovative solutions, fRI Research turns knowledge into practice. Topics under consideration include:

  • First-hand experiences with Alberta’s Land-use Framework and regional plans
  • Insights into engaging with Alberta’s proposed, draft or implemented regional plans
  • Using land use planning as a tool to forward innovative solutions


Submit presentation suggestion

Any questions, comments or submissions can be sent to Jeff Wiehler –

Or complete the form on this page to submit a suggestion. 

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About the Land Use Planning Hub

The Land Use Planning Hub is an informal network that supports the implementation of Alberta’s regional plans by sharing information, stories and feedback. Land use practitioners and planners from around Alberta can share information, stories and feedback related to land use planning. The Land Use Planning Hub informs land use decisions to contribute to the effective implementation of Alberta’s regional plans. It was created and is managed by fRI Research with support from the Land Use Secretariat.

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